St Petersburg

Anya Florenskaya,
artist, creator, fine person


Last winter he married. It was a very beautiful wedding and I even became quite emotional, something which I had not at all expected, and spent a part of the occasion in floods of tears. Seeing such a scene, as he passed by with a ritual loaf of bread, our young friend bent down and asked,

"Anna Gennadievna, what on earth is the matter?"

"Don't pay any attention," I said. "It's because I'm so happy!"

But this is not the point. The point is that not long after this, this friend of ours was walking along the street in order to pick up some valuable earphones for the Hermitage ‒ in as much as it unexpectedly turned out that he works there and is the person responsible for these earphones, which, far from being kept in the Hermitage, are actually to be found on Pochtamtskaya Street. In fact, though, the earphones are not his life's work: he has almost completed his training as one of today's most eminent surgeons and also plays the grand piano, drums, and accordion. So he's a jack of all trades.

But on this day, it was the earphones that were the object of his journey, and he was walking along to get them with a colleague from work, a beautiful young girl.

And it was at this moment that he suddenly caught sight of his new father-in-law on the other side of Pochtamtskaya Street.

It was a sight you should have seen with your own eyes because, first, his father-in-law is an actor; second, he has extremely distinctive looks; and, third, he's fond of a drink or three. And so, as a result of these three causes, the girl who was accompanying our friend saw the following scene:

a person whom she has never seen before, in a long coat with long hair, with glasses askew and a fairly ridiculous hat on his head and clearly in a complex emotional state suddenly begins to wave his arms vigorously and shout for all the street to hear:


It's not a month since you married my daughter and you're already appearing in public with strange lasses!

Girl! Don't believe him!!! Don't believe a word he says! Scoundrel!!! How dare you???"

And so on.

But he had underestimated his talent as an actor, because the girl took to flight before he could reach the end of his monologue.

Our friend crossed over to the other side of the street and said,

"Why did you have to frighten the poor girl like that? "

He replied:

"I'm sorry, Kolya, I really didn't mean to. Let's run after her and explain that everything's OK!"

But then they pictured this scene to themselves in every detail and, very wisely, rejected the idea.